Sunday, July 24, 2011

summer swimming

Yesterday was so much fun! We had a pool party at a friend's house in order to escape this heat. Pool party, toddler style. Yes, this was a party with all of Charlotte's friends and families. Six toddlers, an almost equal amount of babies, and there really weren't too many melt downs.

When we got there I put the lifejacket on Charlotte and she got right in the pool and sat on a floaty thing the whole time. She was a little timid of the water so we were careful not to scare her. I started to think that my swim lessons last summer scared her for life. Another little girl had water wings and was swimming and diving under water and just having a blast. Charlotte was just the opposite and it was driving me nuts. After dinner we all went swimming again and this time I put some Nemo water wings on Charlotte-- well, she was a totally different kid!! Can you believe she was swimming on her own! Jumping off the side of the pool and did I mention, swimming on her own! We'll be purchasing Nemo water wings ASAP.

Gretchen got to go in the water for a little bit too. She loved it! The water was warm and she hung on in the a floaty thing. Since we are around water all the time with both Grandparents, liking water is a real necessity in this house. I'm so happy it was a fun pool party for the girls.

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