Wednesday, July 27, 2011

gretchen is six months

My little baby isn't such a baby anymore. Today Gretchen Elaina turned six months old. Yes, in that same amount of time we'll be celebrating a 1st birthday. Really, where has the time gone? I remember thinking how sleep-deprived I was just about six months ago and now I can hardly remember those nights. Gretchen doesn't sleep through every night, but enough of them that things are good around here.

My cheerful little girl is still as wonderful as she was the first day. Unless you take food away or catch her overtired, Gretchen smiles at everybody and can always warm your heart. It's easy to make her smile and her belly laughs can light up a room.

To date:
  • Rolls over to tummy all the time and sleeps on her tummy
  • Can roll from tummy-to-back but doesn't do it all the time
  • Can sit up assisted but not on her own yet
  • Plays with her toes all the time
  • Chews on everything, but no teeth yet
  • Started solid foods and by the way she eats, you'd think I don't feed her. Favorite: blueberries/peaches, peas, bananas and sweet potatoes
  • Takes a bottle from anybody at anytime
  • Makes lots of verbal noises and will mimic what you do
  • Watches and observes everybody and everything 
  • Doesn't fall asleep in public as well as she used to, there are just too many things going on
  • Still very easy to cart around
  • Falls asleep on her own for naps and bedtime
When days are long I just tickle my little girl, grab that smile and store it in my heart. We love Gretchen, she's the perfect addition to our family.

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