Friday, June 24, 2011

life's moving a little fast right now

Was it really only the first day of summer just the other day? To me, it seems like summer is already half over. Things are moving a little fast around here and I feel like I'm jogging next to the school bus with four fingers hanging on.

Today Kevin left for a 10 day vacation to interior Alaska to visit his best friend and go canoeing. Unfortunately, the part of the Yukon River they were canoeing in Alaska/Canada is greatly flooded and looks like the Grand Canyon right about now. Not good for canoeists. Wait....he's going on vacation and leaving me home with the kids for a week and a half?! Yep!
MUCH worse than this, and in a canoe
Wait, aren't we closing on the NEW house next week?! Yep! I'm doing it all alone. This boy owes me big time, BIG TIME! I'm not sure what would happen if I left the state for 10 days and was not available by phone for most of the trip. I'm already making a "honey do and make-up" list.

The girls are going great, growing big. Charlotte seems more grown up every morning. Talking up a storm and starting to understand concepts and ideas. She really amazes me. I also can't believe how much she remembers. Tip: Don't tell her anything you don't want repeated, like a secret. She might not give it up right away, but she'll spill the beans at an awkward moment. Gretchen is rolling over and wants to move around so badly. She's still a smiley girl and such a joy to have around.

Charlotte got a new bike helmet in preparation for our new move. No, she's not getting a bunk bed, she'll be getting her first bike! We promised her she could have one at the new house. I think she's really excited -- now we just need to find one that works for us and doesn't cost a small fortune.

new bike helmet
Gretchen, or "Scretch" as Charlotte would say, is definitely going to be a fast learner. She watches Charlotte all the time and is just sucking it all in!

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