Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know, it's been a week since I've posted anything. That's because it's been a little crazy around here. Last weekend we moved our whole house into a PODS and a storage shed. Tuesday I handed over my garage door opener and house key to a very excited new homeowner. She still promises to leave my wedding white pine trees intact. We are all moved into my parent's home and things are going to work out just fine around here. We all have our own space (with the help of three giant TVs) and there is practically a dog for each person here.

The girls are doing awesome, Charlotte thinks it's fantastic to live here. I made it out to see my girlfriends today and 35 minutes is just too far to drive for a play date. Gretchen is almost 15 weeks old. She is getting so big and talks all the time. We love looking at her little smile and sweet personality. Really, she is making my job so easy, and good thing because Charlotte is still testing the waters about every 3 seconds around here.

July can't come soon enough! We close on the new house June 30th but because Kevin is in Alaska until July 5th, we'll be moving the next weekend. At least that will give me time to clean and paint the new place.

The weather sure has been teasing us around here. Summer can't come soon enough! It's been wonderful to get out and run around after dinner. Wearing out the kids (dogs too) is such a good thing. Everybody sleeps better.

I have no more fun news so I thought I'd share a video from SNL on Mother's Day that a friend shared with me. Tina Fey is always worth a good laugh.

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