Thursday, April 14, 2011

we're getting closer!

We're getting closer to finding the next house of our realistic dreams! On Tuesday we looked at two houses and they were both over-priced and (1) outdated and (1) cheap. I was very sad, especially since one had pool and I had been having dreams at night about the pool parties I would have with all my girlfriends and their kids. Ah, c'est la vie.

Tonight we toured two more homes and they were much better than the first two. We like the first one a lot but the basement was a little short, Kevin's head came within a few centimeters in the workspace and he had to duck in the finished portion. Not cool. The rest of the house was nice and we wouldn't need to do many updates. However, it's full blown suburban America and Griffin would not have very much space at all.

The second house we looked at is on the edge of town (a little far...) but just might be the winner! It's on one acre and the inside is mostly updated with new bathrooms and a nice kitchen. The basement needs a little work, but it's nothing new carpet and a little paint can't fix. Our realtor, Bruce Nemovitz, is going to see how low the lady is willing to go. It's a bit out of our price range so I hope it works out. I think we can envision ourselves living there for the rest of our lives. (Man, that's a scary thought!)

Tomorrow is the house inspection. We'll have more details after that as to whether or not there is something major we need to fix. I'll get to meet the buyer too. After that, everything will be fairly final for the sale of our house! Boxes are starting to fill my living room...

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