Wednesday, April 6, 2011


What day of the week is it? I've been so out of it for the last week! Honestly, I haven't been this frazzled in a long time. Side note, wow, it's nice to type with two hands like a normal person. So much faster and time efficient! Where do I start?

Funeral services for my cousin, Matthew Ryskoski will be on Saturday. Please visit Krause Funeral Home for specific details. There will be dinner at Grandma Burton's house following the service. The family has been frazzled about his death all week. All mom said to me was, "drive safe out there, don't you dare make me do what my Aunt has had to do, burry her son." Don't get me wrong, I drive safe. I've also thought about how awful and miserable I'd feel if I lost one of my girls-- and they haven't even been around that long! Please keep my Aunt, Uncle and cousin Rich in your prayers. I can't imagine, I just can't fathom how it would feel. 

On a positive note, the house has been on the market for almost one week and we've had a showing every day this week. That's great if you ask me. The only bummer part is most of the showings have been over the lunch hour which greatly eats into Charlotte's nap schedule. On top of her being a total beast these days, missing naps is not ideal. I hate messing with her schedule but I can't say no to a house showing. I really hope this thing sells fast, I can't have her missing naps every day of the week.

My house is VERY clean and I'm managing to keep it clean. Not sure how...maybe it's because I've been house crashing so we are out of the house when it shows. That means Griffin too. He got lucky today-- he got to run with two other dogs all day, but earlier in the week, he spent a few hours in the back of my car. Poor guy.

God is really testing my patience these days. Charlotte has been a handful and somedays I just can't hardly stand it. She is relentless when she wants something and no amount of screaming or time-outs fixes anything. Bedtime fights have sucked. She will not go to bed without a fight. She doesn't even cry, she SCREAMS. How can she be that strong? I wasn't this horrible until I was as teenager-- she's only TWO! I'm just tired at the end of the day. But, I do love her, a lot... little Gretchen. What a wonderful baby. She sleeps, smiles, eats and sleeps. She goes to bed at night for me and hangs out when carted all over the city during the day. She even hangs out at work like an angel. Last night she slept 7 hours for me!! I'll take that once in awhile. Most often it's a 4-hour shift, but I could really get used to 7-hour shifts. She's 10 weeks old, time is really ticking.

My sewing machine needs to go back in. It's jammed or something again. I know it also needs to be cleaned. I did manage to get a wedding quilt top finished for June. I still have to finish Ava's baby quilt for my brother and Nicole. They are due in August!!
Update: It just needed a good oil and cleaning, must be working overtime...

So, I leave you with those updates. I've just had no time to even think this last week or so and that is not like me! At least, my house is clean and neat...
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Rachel Stoneham said...

A family sticks together through thick and thin. You have been blessed with a thoughtful family! Don't worry 'bout the prayers, my dear. They will keep on coming! Btw, as your mom always says, drive safely.


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