Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter has come and gone. Really, every Sunday I'm amazed by how fast the week has gone and how fast the months go by. Gretchen is just about three months old...

We had a wonderful weekend! The kids are just a blast to be around. Saturday we all went to a friend's house where Charlotte was able to go on her first Easter egg hunt. She loved it and knew what to do right away. It took awhile because she wanted to open each egg after she picked it up. 

After coloring Easter eggs and hunting for them in the yard, Charlotte was totally into this holiday! She was super excited when we told her if she was good (going to bed, with no crying/screaming) the Easter Bunny would bring her a basket filled with candy. She took the bait and went to bed pretty good. Saturday night she colored eggs again and didn't want to stop after her dozen eggs were colored. We couldn't wait for her to wake up this morning either. I got to hide the eggs!! She loved looking for the eggs in the living was so much fun to watch her. Of course this led to a jelly bean breakfast. "Mommy, I love candy! I love jelly beans." Charlotte tells me. "Yes, yes, I know you love candy Charlotte," says Mommy.

Gretchen. My sweet Gretchen. She's still the perfect baby. Had her belated 2 month appointment. She is 14 lbs. 3.8 ounces (95%) and 90% for height. She smiles all the time, falls asleep on her own, sleeps in chaos, eats well, had her first two bottles this week, and is starting to giggle. We love her to pieces...
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