Thursday, April 21, 2011

decorating Easter eggs

Tonight I decided to get out the Easter egg coloring kit. My mom senses quickly picked up on this as a bribing tool to get my toddler to eat ALL of her dinner. She wanted to have the eggs and chick on the front of the PAAS box so badly, she was willing to do anything to get it-- that meant eating all of her turkey hot dog, pineapple and swiss cheese. (That sounds like a bad pizza combo or something.)

I had less than a dozen eggs to color so I only took out two colors thinking we can color eggs again this weekend. We love hard boiled eggs so no problem eating them up. Most of you don't know this but two Easter's ago (before Charlotte), Kevin and I decorated eggs at the table. I didn't bother to purchase the PAAS coloring kit for $1.99 because I thought it was a waste of money. I set things up the old-fashioned way with vinegar and food coloring. Wow. BAD idea. Especially if you opt to not use a spoon and use your fingers instead. My fingers were stained bright blue for a week!! For sake of embarrassing myself again (on my kid's fingers) I picked up the friendly coloring kit for $1.99. Well worth it! Our fingers are squeaky clean.
Charlotte & Mommy
Charlotte enjoyed coloring the eggs. She did much better than I thought. (Mental picture: coloring dye all over the floor and walls...) But, that didn't happen!! We had to remind her to be gentle because she was dropping the egg with force from one color to another. Then they crack and I'm sure we'll be eating colored egg whites...

Friday we are seeing the Easter Bunny. I'll let you know how THAT turns out...

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