Tuesday, February 15, 2011

top mommy blogs

So, I took the plunge. As long as I'm doing this, I may as well do it all the way. I've decided to join the Internet sensation Top Mommy Blogs. There are so many other moms out there doing the same thing I am and often times, there's a lot of useful information! In the wee hours I'm nursing Gretchen, it gives me something to do. Browse the web for things to read and blog about. (Although, I usually just blog about my own life.)

Here's the link to Top Mommy Blogs:
Top Mommy Blogs - Click To Vote!

If you click on it, you'll move me up higher in the ranks, whatever that means. I'm just happy to share my crazy life with others, mainly because I love reading about other people's lives and struggles with being a parent and a wife. I tell ya though...I wouldn't trade my life for anything!

This is just a list of blogs/topics to read on:

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