Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

2011 is here and bound to be another exciting year. My husband's birthday was January 2nd and he turns 31-- father of TWO. Yes, baby is due in ONE month and Charlotte turns TWO in two months. Our dog, Griffin and his sister, Zoe, both turn FOUR today! These next few weeks and months are sure to be exciting.

For Kevin's birthday he was in Green Bay at the Packer Game. Because we couldn't send him birthday kisses on his birthday, Charlotte and I made a special breakfast in bed for him on Friday. He got an "egg dad with bacon arms and a cheese hat." Yes, you read that correctly. It's an inside joke and sure enough, he loved it! Charlotte got to blow out his birthday candle (4 times) and was persistent in singing "Happy to you!!" I think her 2nd birthday will be a hit....she already "get's it."

I managed to finish another quilt in 2010, so that makes the count 16 quilts for 2010. I am having so much fun with this new hobby of mine. The best part is sharing it with the ones I love. I hope my skills continue to grow over this next year.

I'm not one to make resolutions (anymore), but each year I vow to be healthier and exercise more. I'll have to keep to that with the weight I need to lose after baby #2. I suppose I'll tackle that when the time comes.

I also had my first "baby" dream last night, where the final outcome was an actual baby! To make a long dream short, I dreamt that I had a healthy baby boy, however I did not recall any of the labor. I went from water breaking at home to back at home with the baby. Nobody could tell me what happened. I'm not sure what it means, but hopefully it means I'll have a very uneventful, easy labor! Here's hoping...

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Oh you are so my daughter


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