Thursday, December 30, 2010

35 weeks and counting

Almost 35 weeks. Really, time is flying by! Today was another doctor appointment. I go back again in two weeks and start getting checked for dilation. I’ve gained a total of 26 pounds and my belly measures 37cm, which is 2cm larger than “normal” but nothing to be worried about. I believe I was two ahead with Charlotte too.
I think I’ve started nesting. All the newborn clothes are washed and put in the closet. I have the baby book ready and baby's first year calendar ready to go. I’ll probably start ordering some diapers soon too. Overall I feel good. Lower back has been better than it was. I carry a pillow with me everywhere. However, my xiphoid process has been killing me. It must really be sticking out. The only position that feels comfortable is extremely reclined or laying down. Both which are not convenient. If that’s the only thing I really have to complain about, I’m probably doing ok. Getting nervous on how I’ll know when baby is really coming, but I’m sure I’ll know!

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