Friday, January 14, 2011

learning to count

We love her! Counting to three pretty consistently. After 4 or 5, she just says random numbers but has counted to 10 before! 22.5 months and almost a big sister. Charlotte can also identify five shapes: star, square, circle, heart and triangle. The is by far her favorite. We always draw a "baby heart" next to the mommy heart. Come to think of it, everything is "mommy this" and "baby that."

She definitely knows there is a baby in my belly but I'm not sure she realizes it will soon be joining the household. After being around a friend's newborn, she is really gentle around babies and I think she's going to be a super-duper helper.

Regarding her language, she's just about exploded into a toddler. She talks in  mini-sentences all day long and constantly describes what she (or mom) is doing. One of these days I'll have to jot down a few things, but seriously, since can talk about anything, it's really hard to keep track. I'm super impressed with her vocabulary. I'd like to take credit for that one...

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