Tuesday, November 9, 2010

third trimester already?!

Third trimester. 28 weeks. Three months left. Thanksgiving, Christmas and one birthday. Do I have enough time? It hit me this week, I'm going to have another baby in just about three months and that's not a lot of time. Immediately, my mind starting making a list of things I needed to do before February arrives. Clean my house with a toothbrush and bleach, make at least three quilts, start pre-ordering baby diapers, sign up for Peapod grocery delivery, make and freeze dinners, organize baby items, get Charlotte in the big girl bed for good, speculate about baby's gender, freak out about labor all over again....ah...the list goes on!

It's truly amazing how time flies the second time around. With Charlotte at my heels all day long, I've only had a few seconds here and there to think about the always-kicking baby #2. My belly sure is getting bigger. I feel like I'm in good shape but I know I need to walk a little more. All-in-all this has been a really easy pregnancy, I hope I can say the same about the labor in a few months.

Here's my latest creation for donation in February. I really love the pattern on these new wave quilts by Elizabeth Hartman. The quilting is fast too. I like simple projects.

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