Saturday, November 13, 2010

make-your-own Christmas ideas

I love the holidays. Each year I try to beat the next with creative gift ideas. Especially on a tight budget, it's great to make your gifts. Sometimes they turn out so good they look store-bought. I find homemade gifts contain a little extra love anyways. Here are some easy ideas I've ran across in different blogs. Some projects I've tried and some I've thought about trying but haven't gotten around to it. The best part about these projects is that you can be a beginner and still get a great looking end product.

Beneath each photo is the link to the tutorial. I cannot take credit for any of these projects so please refer to the link for instructions on how to make the idea.

Checkbook Covers

Dish Towels and/or Dish Cloths

Table Napkins

Quilted Coasters

Glass Etching

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