Friday, October 1, 2010

girls, girls and maybe more girls!

This week I found out that two more of my friends who are pregnant are having girls. One will be the mother of three girls and the other has one son. How exciting! One of the women had given me a bag of 18-24 mo. clothes for Charlotte so now I have to pack 'em up and give them back for her new arrival in February.

We are still waiting, so all of you are going to have to keep speculating about the gender of baby #2.

I'm 22 weeks today. Moving along pretty fast here. It's nice to be preoccupied so I don't have to think about my belly all the time. Can you believe that baby is about 10 inches long? That's about half of the length it will end up being, WOW! The main thing is I feel healthy and full of energy (most of the time). I've recovered from last weekend of feeling icky and back to the old self.

On a side note, I'm babysitting my friend's daughter Lexi today. I can't believe how all of a sudden, Charlotte is full-fledged toddler! She's a little maniac and full of energy. I think it's a little overwhelming for Lexi, poor thing. My kid is hitting and really being mean. Do I really have to start time-outs already? (P.S. Charlotte already had a time-out this morning and it's only 9:35AM!)

I suppose this is the next step in the parenting process that I have to become acclimated to. Teaching right from wrong and how to share. Oh, joy...

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