Sunday, October 3, 2010

beautiful october

I love October, for a variety of reasons. (1) It's my birthday month. I'll be (2) The weather is always perfect. A little cooler, sunny and perfect. (3) The leaves are changing color and makes the fresh air even better. (4) Apple Cider. (5) Oktoberfest. These are just to name a few!

This weekend we went up north to visit Grandma and Grandpa LaPean. We also visited the new hunting land to see the progress the boys have been making. I can't believe the color up there! It was the perfect week to see all the leaves in action. Not much as fallen and they were amazing shades of orange and red. It was a bit breezy, but that didn't seem to matter to Charlotte. She had her new hat and Packer sweatshirt on and had no problem running though the muddy leaves and throwing sticks for the dogs.

It was also a great trip because we got to have lunch with Great-Grandpa and Grandma LaPean and Great-Aunt Jane. What a fun surprise! Charlotte slept on the way up to the cabin and on the way home. She was even well-behaved at the restaurant for lunch (which is usually quite rare). I love my kid!

To end a wonderul weekend, Kevin and I were able to go to dinner and a movie, stress-free, without Charlotte. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa, it was nice of you to watch Charlotte so we could get out of the house. (Hopefully the Packers can turn out a win today, that would be the end to a perfect weekend!)

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