Sunday, October 17, 2010

could this autumn get any better?

Honestly, could this autumn get any better. October, the perfect month to start with (I'll be 29 in 12 days!!), has actually been the perfect month! The weather has completely cooperated; I couldn't be happier.  Yes the Packers haven't been playing very well, but Charlotte is still the cutest thing on our block (Earth).

We had a fun weekend. Friday, we stayed at my mom's house and Great-Grandma Burton also stayed over. (Daddy needed to hunt but didn't see any deer.) We played and ran around the woods. Saturday I went to lunch without Charlotte (yes!) and we enjoyed a nice family night at home. Sunday we played outside, raked leaves, carried around pumpkins and cleaned out the garden. She is so much fun to play with and she never hesitates to get herself VERY dirty.

Not to mention, I finished the TOP and BACK of the baby boy quilt for the Alzheimer's auction. It looks amazing and all my lines matched up. I don't have a photo, but I'll get one soon. Now I just have to baste  and quilt it. That really came together quickly; I love quick projects.

I don't give Griffin enough credit. He's the perfect (almost) dog. I can't believe how much he puts up from Charlotte. He's just awesome. Here she is laying on him, eating her apple and kicking him with her foot. That's buddy-love, right?!

P.S. My doctor appointment is tomorrow, stay tuned!

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