Friday, September 17, 2010

now can i count down?

Half way! 20 weeks! Can I count down now, or is it still too soon?

Today was the big ultrasound. Kevin and Charlotte both came to the appointment. Dr. Lipinski had a lot going on with more labors, but spent a good 25 minutes with us to look at Baby LaPean on-the-way. Charlotte was even good for us considering it was exactly during nap time.

All of Baby's body parts look good; straight spine, four chambers in the heart, proportionate skull, no clef lip, two arms/hands, two legs/feet....the only thing she wasn't really able to see well was the umbilical cord. She'll check that out on one of my next visits. Baby weighs 13 oz. already. I was hoping it was more than that because I think I gained a few extra pounds and I really needed somebody to blame it on. Darn.

Here's a photo of Baby's face. We didn't get great screen shots, but you can see a little person there.

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