Tuesday, August 31, 2010

she's 18 months already

Wow! A year-and-a-half, already? You mean, the next time I take 'official' photos (for two years), I'll have another baby in the house? It sure is turning out to be quite the year. I'm sure 2011 will have even MORE to offer.

So, Charlotte is 18 months old. Getting so big, smart, naughty and just plain adorable. She can say no (and does quite often), LOVES Nemo and Dory (the blue fish). Knows all 17 of her animals (and more!!) by recognition, name, say the name and sound. How many kids this age know what an ostrich is and can say the name! She says 74 words that we've kept track of. She's been sleeping really well, is only allowed to take two-hour naps, love jumping on the bed, books, reading to herself, Rufus (her tickle bunny), Griffin, running around the yard, playing in the dirt in mom's garden, swimming in the bathtub, grapes, noodles, bananas and sitting in dad's lap.

Here are some photos Mom took. Yes, she's in the dirndl again as it was way too cute not to photograph.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Grandma H took Charlotte to German Fest in Milwaukee and she had a blast.

Found this dirndl which fits Charlotte perfectly and looks adorable.

Love Gma H


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