Saturday, July 3, 2010

independence day

Independence Day it truly is! Tonight we dropped off Charlotte and Griffin at Grandma and Grandpa Horstmeyer's house for FIVE DAYS, six nights. No kids around?! This hasn't happened since before we were married. Amazing. Why, you might ask? We are leaving for Key West, bright and early. For a few months, Kevin was teasing me with the trip he had to take for work. First we were going, then we wern't, then we were maybe going next month....well, it's finally here and we ARE going. I'm so excited to take a break and just enjoy the sun and my husband. No alcohol will be involved in this trip (bummer) but at least key lime pie is still on the menu. The best place to get key lime pie must be in Key West.

Another cool thought, Kevin will have been to the Southernmost Point of the U.S. and Barrow, AK which is the Northernmost Point of the U.S. Now he just needs to hit San Diego and somewhere in Maine.

I just wanted to rub in one more time, we are going on vacation for close to a week without any kids! Boy, I'm sure gonna miss my kiddos, especially that little sugar bean...


Anonymous said...

Grandpa Horstmeyer and I are having such a great time with your "Sugar Bean" Charlotte went to the 4th July Parade and had a blast, along with a lime snowcone!

She did real well her her "Sparkelers" and "Punks". Still have two eyes. :)

Love "Gom"

Anonymous said...

Erika, Recount it is Six days/ nights with Gom and Gompa. WE are going to Cabelas and out for lunch on day 3.:)

She loves watching the Tour de France and can say "acycle"

Lov Gom

Jason said...

I think the westernmost point in the US is actually in Alaska too, not California. If I'm wrong, it is is HI.

Melissa said...

Yeah, sorry to be pedantic, but I think the easternmost and westernmost points in the US are in Alaska--Attu and the rest of the Aleutians. What can I say, I married a cartographer.

Congrats on your pregnancy! Sorry I haven't been keeping up on your blog. Hope you're doing well.


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