Tuesday, June 1, 2010

we finally took her canoeing

This weekend was a good one! Saturday morning we went to Pike Lake with Gma/Gpa Horstmeyer and Uncle Billy. The two dogs came along too. It was perfect weather AND there were hardly any people there! The sun was warm but it wasn't humid at all. A wonderful day and we got lots of needed sun, except Charlotte, she was wearing SPF 50.

Charlotte loved going in the water until I put her in the floaty hippo. The water was a little chilly and it came up to her neck, but after awhile, she was ok with it. Not super thrilled, but we were in the water for like 20 minutes floating around.

At the end of the day we decided we really needed to get her in the canoe. I sat in the middle with her and let her stand so she could see over the edge. From what I could tell, she really like it! We'll have to do that more often. I think once I can trust she'll sit in the middle alone, we can venture onto the rivers or something. It's just too hard to sit (and not paddle) in the middle and hold the kid.

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