Tuesday, June 1, 2010

uh, oh!

So, this afternoon marks Charlotte's FIRST BIG NON-EMERGENY ACCIDENT. She tripped in the living room and fell face (mouth) first into the coffee table. Yes, she was a bloody mess. I'm fairly certain she hit her teeth. Her gums were bleeding really bad and her lips appeared to be fine. I whisked her up and into the bathroom, my shirt had lots of blood on it. We called the physician (who we see Wednesday morning for her 15 month check-up) and they said she would be fine. I rocked her to calm her down for about 45 minutes. She was a cuddly little bug. I felt SOO bad for her. She has a fat lip most definitely. Send virtual hugs for her please.


Erin said...

Poor Char! She is getting so big. Hopefully I can make it over to Milwaukee in August/Sept. to see you and catch up. Congratulations!

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