Thursday, December 17, 2009

sassy pants

At 9.5 months, Charlotte is becoming quite the sassy pants. She knows when you take something away or say "no." It's starting! We can't believe we are so close to one year old. Charlotte is army crawling all over the place, but luckily she's very slow. She seems to like the TV stand with the DVDs the most. Good thing we invested in a heavy stand, not a moment too soon. She is pulling up on the couch and her toy box all the time. Here's a photo of her stuck ON the toy box. I know Christmas will be a fun one this year. Note to all family members, watch out for those delicate pieces on the tables!

She sure is a bundle of love. She's been sleeping better at night. I'm sorry to say I've stopped breastfeeding. Charlotte is now on formula for the last 2.5 months. She has so much personality, it's just a blast being around her.

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