Friday, December 18, 2009

Charlotte famous?!

Today two things happened, Charlotte met a modeling scout and very well might have met Jesus. When we were downtown a young girl asked if we ever thought of putting Charlotte in a baby modeling program. She said a local firm was in need of babies that fit into 9 month clothing-- which Charlotte does. It didn't help that Charlotte is a flirt and super smiley. I took her name and we are submitting Charlotte for baby modeling. Apparently Kohl's might really need her. This might be a good way to have college paid for!

Secondly, we were in the back of B&N today and a man, who appeared to be homeless, approached us and was memorized by how happy Charlotte was. He talked to us for awhile and said that he was filled with joy at seeing her smiles. He also said she was going to grow up to be famous and smart. If Jesus visits Earth like it's sometimes told, then this man very well might have been Jesus. We were kind to him and wished him a Merry Christmas. Who knows, maybe there is a lot in store for this little girl.

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