Sunday, April 5, 2009

The best diaper yet!

This morning Charlotte had a super surprise for Daddy. I was cooking pancakes in the kitchen when I hear noises in the bathroom. Daddy called for me because he needed help pulling off her onesie. She had poop smeared all the way up her back. When taking off the onesie it got on her shoulders and in her hair. We threw the onesie out and had to give her an impromptu bath.

Then daddy dressed her and when I came back, the pants she had on were 3-6 mo. pants and needless to say they were a bit big. The pants practically came up to her armpits, but she'll stay warm today.


Baby Burla said...

No pictures to document? Haha. I'm glad you guys are doing well.

Kersten said...

Oh Joy! Here I was waiting to hear about your GDiapers or something....wrong.


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