Sunday, April 19, 2009

7 weeks old

I can't belive we have made it 7 weeks and are starting our 8th week and putting an end to month two. Charlotte is doing great! She is very alert and has started smiling. Charlotte is very aware of her surroundings and spends most of her day looking around and observing. Mommy is doing great as well. I've joined another mommy group so I have a chance to meet other women in the area. With the fantastic weather we've had lately, Charlotte, Griffin and I have been going for walks and runs outside. She loves the stroller!

Being a mommy is absolutely everything I knew it would be. She is a very easy baby and seems to be quite happy. Daddy is doing great too. The crib is taking a little longer than expected, but he has started staining it. He and Charlotte are boinding nicely. After all, she looks like him!

Charlotte also gets baptized next Sunday. We have family and friends coming over to help celebrate the event. Since she loves her baths, I think she'll do fine with the fountain.

Easter was great! Charlotte is a super traveler and got to meet the Jurkowski's and the LaPean's. She was the hit of the party. As you can see in the photo, Charlotte wore a cute Easter dress and her bonnett that Aunt Katie bought for her. She's a sweetie!

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Kersten said...

Hard to believe it has been that long already!! OR short I hope when you look at the next 7 weeks!! :)


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