Saturday, February 14, 2009

yes, i can do it!

By now I have just under two weeks left and I am uncomfortable and still itchy. Borderline miserable. They wern't kidding when they said the last few weeks are awkward. In addition, I can hardly sit anywhere anymore. The car ride is my worst enemy. My back is killing me.

My doctor prescribed me Prednisone. I haven't seen any effects yet, but I'm hoping another day or so it will help clear things up. My rash is creeping up my legs and it's on my hands and wrists. I've also started to notice a bit more swelling... I feel like I hardly have ankle bones.

I guess, overall, things are still good. Baby is moving, but the movements are much smaller as there really isn't a lot of room left in my belly. Hopefully soon we will have good news to share, until then, pray for me and my itchy skin!

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