Sunday, January 4, 2009

Beginning Week 33

Our pediatrician was a really great guy. We spent 45 minutes talking with him and asking questions. I think it will be a perfect fit and it is very close to home.

At my doctor appointment last week I had a chance to meet the fourth doctor on the team. This was good because it's not 100% certain who will actually deliver our baby, although we hope it will be Dr. Lipinski. My overall weight gain is about 25# and I gained 6 pounds in the last two weeks alone! Dr. said it was fairly normal, but I am definitely laying off the cookies and sweets. With the kitchen finally finished, I have been cooking home cooked meals and eating more fruit and veggies. Have to continue to stay healthy!

On New Years Day Kevin and I went shopping for baby items! We spent a very long time at Babies 'R Us and Kevin was a trooper! He had a lot of input in the baby items we purchased. As you see above, we picked up a stroller and baby carrier with two attachments for each car. Colors are brown and red, which is neutral.

We also have another baby class tonight and our breastfeeding class on Thursday. (I'm sure Kevin is looking forward to that class!) My only biggest complaint right now is my back. It aches a lot, but isn't super painful. Not so much the lower, but my middle back. When I'm home I try to take pressure off it by laying on my side. I think exercise in the morning with some stretching is helping lots.

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