Monday, December 29, 2008

Beginning Week 32

The books say I should be gaining about a pound per week. After all the Christmas cookies, I don't doubt that! Baby should weigh around 4-4.5 lbs by now. Baby is already as big as momma was, so I'm thrilled that baby will pass me up! I have been sleeping about 10 hours each night which is giving me plenty of rest. Kevin has been a trooper around the house with extra chores.

Tomorrow we meet our pediatrician and I also have another doctor's appointment. On Thursday, we will be shopping for our stroller and car seat. Is this what constitutes as a date now? Soon dates will be dinner at our own kitchen table with bibs around our necks.

I'm definitely getting bigger by the day but overall I feel great. We are really getting excited for our new arrival. Grandma LaPean bought me a fantastic book called, "What To Expect The First Year," and it has been very informative so far. I'm really enjoying the read. The only other big topic Kevin and I have to discuss is cord blood banking and I'm really leaning toward yes. This will be a good question for the doctors this week.

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