Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beginning Week 29

Baby's hearing is so good now that baby might even startle at loud noises. Baby also weighs over 2.5 pounds and to think my little sister was only 1.4 pounds at birth. Baby is starting to run out of room in there, so I'm feeling more kicks and elbow jabs.

Alas, I'm reading that fatigue returns and boy, has it ever! I actually took a nap yesterday and today! This is not typical behavior for me at all. I guess the extra 20 pounds is really catching up with me. I have no swelling or backaches; and I can still see my feet very clearly. However, putting socks on and bending over to tie my shoes is a bit more challenging. I'm guessing this is only going to get worse.

Our second baby class is tomorrow. We are watching the birthing video and touring the center, so I'm sure it will be a very eventful night.

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