Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Week 27

Another week of being pregnant gone by. Kevin and I were up north and got to see most of the LaPean family which was really nice. Everybody got to see and feel the baby bump. I am still waking up very early, around 4:30 - 5am on a regular basis. Over the weekend I managed to take two naps which felt great. Overall though, I'm not overly exhausted. The belly is managing to get in the way of things a little bit, like sitting down or putting on my socks. Hard to believe, at least for me.

I'm really feeling lots of little movements in my belly. From what I've read, it is likely that baby has the hiccups, which is normal. The placenta is almost totally developed and baby is starting to look a little chubbier as fat deposits begin to accumulate underneath the skin. By the end of the week, baby is looking to be around 2 pounds!

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