Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beginning Week 16

I believe this is the period of time where I wait to start seeing visible changes in my body. Pants are a little tighter, but the skinny jeans still fit!

This week ends my 4th month, wow! Only 5 left to go. Baby is still small enough to fit in the palm of my hand and should be near 4-5 inches by the end of this week, weighing around 5 ounces. The skin has started to become pink in color and baby can kick its tiny feet and make grasping motions with its hands.

By now, all of baby's muscles and bones are in place an the nervous system is starting to exert control. The eyes and ears are in their permanent place by now as well. The placenta has begun to grow in order to accommodate the thousands of blood vessels that are working hard to exchange nutrients and oxygen between my body and baby's. The umbilical cord is also growing thicker and stronger.

Nothing else is really happening around here. It's great to see that fall is well on the way. I am sleeping pretty good at night with the cool weather but as a belly-sleeper, it's hard to really try and stay on my side at night. Now is the point where it's really recommended to NOT sleep on your back. This creates some tossing and turning, but I'm getting a good 8 hours every night.

Stay tuned for month 5 -- I think we are gonna start seeing some changes, then hopefully I can get some photos up. I see the doctors for my 3rd visit this week for a quick 10 minute check-up. All-in-all, I still feel great and I'm not too anxious yet. Just excited to start "looking" pregnant.

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