Monday, September 1, 2008

Beginning Week 15

With such hot days we've been having, I am thrilled that right now I'm not 8 months pregnant! By the end of this week, your baby will be 5 inches long and weight a whole 2 ounces. Baby sure is getting big!

Baby’s skin is very thin, and the blood vessels can actually be seen through the skin. Baby’s ears are continuing to develop externally and continue to look more like normal ears. Also, baby’s eyes are continuing to move towards the nose from the sides of the head. The baby’s bones are beginning to ossify, which means that if an x-ray was taken the skeleton would be visible. Babies at this age have also been caught sucking their thumbs on ultrasound pictures. No doubt, our baby will be.

I see the doctor next week for another short check-up. Our next big ultrasound is in the middle of October, which doesn't seem that far away! Much of the baby stuff is on hold right now, we are making some big improvements around the house. My neighbor has three children and her youngest is 11 months. She has offered to give me anything I need, like the $300 breast pump I've been oogling. Gotta love hand-me-downs, especially when they are in fantastic condition!

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