Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beginning Week 12, Ending 1st Trimester

This is the last week of my 1st trimester. Hard to believe its gone by this quickly. Overall, I have been very blessed to have such an easy one. The extent of my hardships were being extremely tired for a few weeks (which has mostly ceased) and a small appetite (which is now back to normal).

Baby can swallow by now and is roughly 3 inches long! The baby is less hunched over and the face is almost fully formed; the eyelids, nose and ears are almost completely developed. Baby even has an upper lip.

The blood has started to pump through the umbilical cord, carrying nutrients and oxygen from my body through the placenta to support baby. It's also getting rid of baby waste, ew! All of the major organ systems have finished forming by the end of this week; now they just have to grow.

Baby's thumbs are useable as well. If you could touch baby's hands there would even be a reflex. I am sure the baby will be a thumb sucker, just like mommy was. What a good way to stop the crying!

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