Wednesday, July 16, 2008

first doctor's visit

Kevin and I went to see Dr. Anne Lipinski this morning for our first doctor's visit. (I'll get to the photo in a second.)

Enter Erika. It started off with routine items; I had to get my blood drawn. This was the only thing I was actually worried about because I have never done it before. The nurse took something like 6 viles of my blood. By the 5th one, I was at the end of the rope. With one to go, I could tell I was getting light headed. After she was finished I laid my head down and sure enough, passed out pretty darn good! I even gave the nurse a scare. After I woke up, calmed down and quit sweating, they gave me some cranberry juice and a wet washcloth. What a good start to the appointment.

Enter Kevin. The two of us went into Dr. Lipinski's office to chat about our medical histories and just get to know us. You can always count on me for a solid ice breaker. I'm really glad Kevin was with me. After our chat, all three of us went in for an exam and our first ultrasound.

Enter baby. The ultrasound confirmed our baby. Official due date is February 25, 2008. We saw some really cool photos and she even printed one for us. (See above.)You can actually tell there is a little person inside me. We even heard the heartbeat, which was going pretty fast. I've included some pointers so you can tell what's what on the photo. This is a profile view. My next ultrasound isn't until my 20th week or so, but I have lots of visits until then.

What excitement!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a HORSTMEYER


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