Friday, July 11, 2008

Beginning Week 8

I still feel great and our first doctor visit is on Wednesday.

Everything that is present in an adult human is now present in the small embryo. By now, cartilage and bones begin to form, the basic structure of the eye is well underway, the tongue begins to develop, intestines move out of the umbilical cord into the abdomen, and the fingers and toes have appeared but are webbed and short. This little baby is still not even an inch big! Baby's length (crown to rump) is 0.61 inch (1.6cm) and weight is 0.04 ounce (1gm). Still quite tiny. The embryo is reactive to its environment inside the amniotic sac where it swims and moves. At the end of week 8, the embryonic period is over and the fetal stage begins. Now that's exciting.

I will let everybody know how the doctor appointment goes. Kevin will be joining me. I wonder if we'll even get our first ultrasound photo. Overall, I am very thankful that I feel very healthly, not ill. Go LaPean baby!

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