Sunday, June 22, 2008

spread the good news.

A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on. - Carl Sandburg

Today was a good weekend because we got to tell our close family. My husband, Kevin, was anticipating the news and was so excited. Ha! Of course, now next to the joy is fear, questions, uncertainty, and happiness. We both knew it was time to start a family and luckily, it's starting right now.

Secondly, we called my parents. And you thought mom would be excited-- my dad was overwhelmingly head-over-heals happy! I think he's been waiting for me to have children since I was born. They both remind me that they had children so they could have grandchildren. Well, now is their chance. It's happening. My sister was also in the room with my parents and she cannot wait to be an Aunt. Katie will be the best Aunt. My brother found out today, as did Kevin's parents.

Roy and Elaine were out of town all weekend so we had to wait until they got home. To make Kevin feel included, he told his parents himself. They both laughed and screamed on the phone and wanted to know when they could come down next. I don't doubt our children will have the best, most loving grandparents that any child has ever had. I also feel blessed that my mom-in-law is a baby nurse. How perfect.

I will be calling to make an appointment with the doctor tomorrow.

We also bought a leather wing-back chair for the nursery today. Delivery in 10 weeks. Kevin also needs to start making our crib. Yes, my handy husband will be building a beautiful crib for our children. That is most exciting of all.

We are not telling everybody immediately. It's not proper and we just need a few more weeks. Tomorrow, however, I will tell the girls I work with and my grandmother. Let's hope they can keep a secret.

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