Sunday, March 16, 2008

perpetual over-planner

By now, I've definitely come to realize that I over plan just about everthing in my life. Perhaps that's also why I over anticipate just about everything too.

Within the last few months, Kevin and I have decided that it is time to start a family. (Extactly when it will begin is a little out of my control, but I can try to predict.) And it's precisely just that. As far as knowing that we'll never truly be ready for babies, I took a step and painted the guest bedroom. It was a terrible blue; the cream is much more inviting and I may add, gender neutral.

As you can tell, the walls are rather bare. I am saving that project for sometime this summer. We did, however, get new bedding and I made pillows and curtains in a chocolate brown silk. So far, the room is quite cozy. We still need a rug and some furniture. Then, it's a matter of seeing just how much furniture we can get in the room. The dresser will turn into a changing table, the desk is so I can work from home, and I think we'll try to squeeze in a mission style recliner as well. (The chair hasn't been bought yet, but I have my eyes on one.)

I know pre-planning and over-planning can take the fun out of it, but I still had a nice wedding! I don't recall losing any of the fun. The best part of all, I married somebody who over-plans just as much as I do. This way, I don't look like such a freak. When we think we are being judged, we just keep our traps shut.

Can't say just yet when we can shout, baby on board, but hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

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