Tuesday, April 15, 2014

diy keepsake baby hats

I love decorating my girls' rooms. They each have their own little "theme" in at least colors. I also love to have a little "baby" in their rooms to remind me how small they were. Each one has their baby hat mounted inside a shadow box and also a 6-month handprint in a frame. It's something that I hope they can take with them when they are big and have children of their own.

It's easy to do! The shadow boxes are from Michael's (use a coupon!!) and then I covered the back in fabric (no glueing needed). The boxes come with little pins to put the hat in place. I printed the name cards on cardstock at home to personalize the hats.

Elsa has two hats. The pink one I made because I had finally learned to knit. The hospital gave her the Christmas one becuase she was born right before Christmas. It was a little too small so she needed one a bit bigger but I had to keep both!

Hopefully this inspires you to create something memorable for your little one!

1 comment:

April Anderson said...

Love this idea! Going to steal for my little angel Thomas. they gave him the tiniest hat I've ever seen while we were in the hospital. So creative


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