Thursday, October 31, 2013

now i'm 32

Just like that, October is over. If life moves this fast now, how fast will it move in the future? Honestly, I can't keep up.

The girls are amazing, each in their own way. They are also stinky and icky in their own special way. All of them are growing up and getting so big. Elsa espcially, she's a weed and will be ONE in just about 8 weeks.

Halloween was a lot of fun. The girls hosted a Halloween party at Oma's house with all their friends. It was fun and the weather was great. Next we Trick or Treated in the neighborhood and they got to go out with Grandma and Grandpa LaPean and the dogs. Again, in new costumes, and great weather. Lastly, Charlotte got to wear a costume to school for her 4K Halloween party. Yet, in another costume. What a lucky kid. Thank goodness for dress up boxes!


This week I turned 32. I'm ok with that. I still feel young and I'm still having fun. It was a great birthday week, even the girls were awesome. Kevin and I went out for dinner, I got to do some alone shopping, and I didn't have to shout at anybody on Tuesday!

Elsa is crawling everywhere and pulls up on everything. She can even climb the stairs! We have a portion of the house baracaded off so Miss Trouble can cause less of it. Elsa is addicted to any electronic device even though she does not get a chance to use the iPhone. Even if you take the remote away, she screams and throws her best tantrum. Did it start this early with the other two?? Still, I find I hold her all the time and shower her with kisses. Katie, if you are reading this, I finally get it. I get how the youngest gets away with the most. I just don't want my baby to turn ONE and get any bigger! Elsa has five teeth and is cutting her 6th.

Charlotte is a sweet big sister.
I'm still selling on the Etsy shop, among 100 other things. In November I'm doing two in-home craft shows to get ready for Christmas. If I haven't said it already, I'm hoping to make it be an all-to-mostly hand-made Christmas. It doesn't have to be made by me, but handmade nonetheless. At least, made in the US. We'll see how that goes. It would be a really good thing to support local and small businesses at  such a busy time of year. Etsy shop here.

So, October is over, the girls are healthy, and Kevin and I are doing great. What's better than going to the Bears vs. Packer game on Monday night and watching the Bears get killed...nothing! Happy Birthday to me!!

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