Monday, July 22, 2013

summer fun

We are really enjoying summer... at least the kids are. After begging for warm weather, we got it, and I immediately started begging for cooler weather. The hot doesn't seem to phase the kids, they love being outside. Last week when it was REALLY hot, we did get a bit exhausted even though we spent a lot of time in the pool and/or water. Gretchen had a short-lived fever and none of us were feeling well.

We've gone swimming a lot, washed mom's car, played in sprinklers, picked strawberries, played outside, and Charlotte has been going to Vacation Bible School.
Eating more than picking
Gretchen can now buzz around the court on her two-wheeled bike (with training wheels). She's a crazy woman and tries to go as fast as she can. Sometimes Charlotte goes with and bikes or runs along side.

Enjoying our favorite custard
We've walked to Hefner's for custard a few times. The girls share a single scoop. I think they almost enjoy the trip there more than the actual custard.

Elsa is growing and growing. She loves splashing in the pool and doesn't mind the water at all. She also loves swinging in the backyard and watching her sisters. Elsa wants to crawl so bad but still just goes into the plank on the floor. She's got sitting nailed so it's fun that she can play with more toys now. But watch out, she can roll all over the house! It's crazy where we can find her.

Loving the swing
Although the blog posts are rare these days, keep checking my Flickr site (photos on the right side bar) for updated shots of the kids. We are busy and always on the run. I've been getting in lots of work time to so that cuts down on what time I have to blog, sorry folks!

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