Friday, March 1, 2013

happy birthday charlotte!

Four years ago, FOUR!!, a little girl changed my life. She made me a mommy. I've always known I wanted to be a mommy and lead a mommy life (staying home with the kids), and this little girl made it possible. She made my body do things I never knew was possible. But, she also made my heart love more than I knew was possible.

I have really enjoyed helping this little girl grow into the smart, sassy, four-year-old she is today. She's learned a lot of life lessons and will only have to learn more. Charlotte wants to learn so bad, we can see that in her every day actions. She's started telling us, "I guess I was right..." and things like that (even when she's wrong but she thinks she's right). She's trying to read by sounding out letters in a word. Charlotte wants to be big so bad yet still tells us she wants to be a little girl.

Some days I know it's hard for all of us in the house because she'll stay stuff like, "But it's so hard being a little girl!" I always tell her, "Yes, I know it is. It's also hard being a mommy." Isn't that the truth. Pure truth. It's hard. A hard journey that I have loved since the day she came into this world.

I was so happy it was a little girl. Somebody I could bond with forever. A little person that I could love unconditionally. Somebody I could dress in pink sparkles and cute shoes.

My little princess. She's FOUR today!


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