Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Charlotte!

Three years ago one little lady changed my life forever. At 4:38 a.m. I became a mother. A mother who promised to love her children unconditionally, forever, no matter what. I'm so grateful for the change she has given me. It's been a wonderful three years and I can't wait to see what adventures 2012 bring us.

  • Favorite color: green
  • Favorite movie: Aladdin
  • Wants to play on the computer when she grows up
  • Doesn't like to eat bugs or noodles
  • Loves Lucky Charms
  • Favorite song: Jingle Bells
  • Favorite toys: parrot and dino and leappad
  • Best friend: Eli
  • If she could have any pet (besides Griffin), she wants a cat
  • Likes to play in the snow outside with dinosaurs
  • Favorite holiday: Halloween because it's scary
  • Favorite book: Aladdin
  • Favorite animal: Lion


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

thank you so very much for you nice comment on my feather....appreciate that

The Michna's said...

Happy Birthday to Charlotte! What a cute and spunky 3 year old you have!!


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