Sunday, January 1, 2012

year in review

I can't believe the year is already over! Where did 2011 go?? I knew the moment Gretchen was born the year was going to fly by. Little did I know it would fly by THIS quickly.

Here's our year-in-review.

In January, we added a bundle of joy to our lives. She was baptized in May.

Charlotte turned two in March.

In April, we celebrated our 4-year wedding anniversary but sadly, didn't go anywhere.

In May, we listed our house on a whim and sold it in 9 days. 

So, we moved in with my parents for almost 8 weeks. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

In June we went to Door County to celebrate a friend's wedding and ended up driving back to Oshkosh to pick up Gretchen, my 5-month-old baby who wouldn't take a bottle. At least she was a good girl and didn't spoil the entire weekend.

In July we bought our first house together. It's been a wonderful fit for us. Kevin also went to Alaska without me and had a great time visiting one of his closest friends. 

In August, Charlotte was finally not afraid of swimming and learned to swim with only water wings!

In Fall, the cabin was finished and we made many trips up there. The girls love it there! I can't wait for summers and winters to come.

Gretchen, of course, hit many milestones and continues to warm our hearts with her smile.

And, we got to really see the girls light up when Santa came this year.

That's our year-in-review. So much more has happened, good things and bad. Kevin lost his Grandpa, I lost a cousin, and really good friends of ours lost a baby. We hope that 2012 brings more joy and less heartache. Unless, of course, the world ends next December. As a resolution, we will be going to church more.

Our hopes for 2012:
  • One less child in a diaper
  • The start of 3K for Charlotte
  • Two family weddings....
  • Another baby (but not quite yet)
  • Gretchen walking and running around the house
  • A more frugal mind
  • More laughter
  • Lots of family visits and good food
May your new year hold hope. Make it a resolution to start out on a good foot-- call your family, call your friend, thank your spouse, thank your parents, mend that friendship, and be a nice person, all the time.

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