Sunday, January 8, 2012

fancy underwear

Standing this close to the finish line, I never thought I'd cross it! Charlotte turns 3 on March 1st and she was still pooping in her diaper and really not caring about it. Being the sassafras that she is, nothing seemed to work to get her to poop ON the potty. Quite frankly, I got sick of it.

Hearing a story from a family member, I started putting her in the bathtub to have her take her own dirty diaper off. This totally backfired. She liked doing that and wiping her own butt. much for THAT  plan of trying to gross her out.

Jokingly, I said I was going to giver her a cold shower to wash off the poop. Charlotte said "ok" and I said "no", but she insisted. So, I turned the shower head on. Yes, you can picture it. She cried and screamed. No, I'm not a bad parent. I'm a desperate parent.

Long story short, about a week later, my oldest daughter is wearing fancy underwear. Yes, she made a 3.5 hour car ride, twice, with undies on. She's made it 4 days in a row with undies on. Today she said, "No more cold showers and baths Moms." Finally!! I've made it out of unnecessary poopy diapers. She's even stopped playing and dancing to run to the potty.

Let me just say again how proud I am of Charlotte (and excited)! She loves wearing her fancy underwear and I love seeing her cute little butt instead of a bulky diaper. She's even been dry at night and naps a few times (which I know she can't control).

I suppose I also forgot to mention that the Angry Birds sure helped with this feat. She was desperate to have the giant, black angry bird that made bomb noises. Now we have an entire collection, but at least there's no more poop to clean up!!
P.S. I've invested money into flushable wipes.

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The Michna's said...

Never thought of a cold shower before. But whatever works, right? Yay for Charlotte! Alex has his days too. Flushable wipes are a must!


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