Monday, June 27, 2011

happy 5 months gretchen!

My little baby girl is five months old today! Gretchen brings a sense of lightheartedness to my life. Each day I look at her smiley face, no matter what, I can't help but smile back and shower her with kisses. Unless you take food away, she never cries, never. Gretchen is truly the perfect baby.
Here's an update:

  • She rolls over ALL the time to her belly. Last night, she even woke up on her belly, that was a first.
  • She saw her first theater movie and slept through the entire thing.
  • She plays with her toes all the time.
  • She drools much more than my first child.
  • She loves blowing raspberries and giggling at you.
  • She goes with the flow - no matter what the day brings.
  • She sleeps through the night and goes to sleep on her own.
  • She's not shy and will let anybody pick her up.
  • She's still working at taking a bottle - let's hope we can nail this within the next few weeks.
  • She absolutely loves her mommy.
  • She watches her big sister like a hawk; I just know she'll be running around before she's a year old.
  • Update: Gretchen took TWO bottles from mama today....all I can say is thank goodness! I have two seminars in the new few weeks and I was wondering how that would work if she was still attached to me...
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Anonymous said...

If I could guarantee I could have a baby like that then I just might want a baby. :)


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