Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning is about to take on a new meaning around this neck of the woods. After speaking with our realtor, Bruce Nemovitz, we decided that now is the time to list our house for sale. It's actually a better idea for us to sell when the market is down than to wait a year or two when it goes back up. Why? Because we'll get a larger house for much cheaper now, and that's more important. I think we'll get what we paid for our house so at least we might break even.

I'm not going to focus on looking for a house now, I'd rather sell first and end up renting or moving in with my parents. I refuse to be stuck with two mortgages. I'd rather not move at all if that's the case.

So, spring cleaning. I'm going to have to run a tight ship around here and we have to de-clutter the home. Looking at my living room, that looks next to impossible. Especially with two kids! I think I'll have my work cut out for me. It might prove to be a challenging spring/summer.

2 motnhs

On a different note, Gretchen turned two-months-old on Sunday. Time is flying by! She's getting so big and strong. She's super healthy and is full of chubby rolls. Saturday night she slept 7.5 hours - I couldn't believe it!! On a regular basis she's been doing about 4.5 hours at night-- this I can handle. Just love her to pieces. Charlotte is also proving to be a wonderful big sister.

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