Sunday, March 13, 2011

the everything update

I'm craving a chocolate cookie. Why did I make them? Fresh cookie dough smell in the kitchen. Don't worry, I gave them away to my skinny cousin and Aunt. The calories look better on them anyway. I did, however, have a frozen Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Yoplait yogurt and that was darn tasty. Go me!

Many of you know we celebrated Great-Grandpa LaPean's assent into Heaven on Thursday. It was an absolutely beautiful funeral and mass in Wausau. Our journey started on Tuesday night as we traveled to Green Bay after Kevin got done with work. We went to GB first because of course there was a nasty snow storm hitting the great state on our travel day, Wednesday. Both girls were perfect on the drive up and went to bed without a hitch. Things were lookin' good.

Wednesday we played at Grandma's house and then followed them up to Wausau. Both girls slept the whole way AND the roads were pretty clear. Still lookin' good. Then we met up with some long-lost friends for a fish fry. More family even joined us out. The kids were good -- Charlotte actually ate food and behaved and Gretchen slept the whole time. I enjoyed TWO beers and the night was still lookin' good. I couldn't believe I was experiencing this much luck while traveling with kids. Our friends came over to the hotel and we all laughed and chatted it up. I sure miss Amiee and Kevin.

By about 9:30/10 p.m. we were trying to get Charlotte to bed in the hotel. We elected to have two queen beds and I slept with Charlotte. She really fought us and kept saying she wanted to go home. I had to convince her we couldn't leave until the sun woke up. Finally she fell asleep after about 45 minutes of crying and screaming. I sure felt bad for the adjoining room. Gretchen was still doing great, she slept 6 hours straight for me. I thought it was the booze until she did it the second night too. Yeah Gretchen!

The funeral was on Thursday and we knew it would be a long day for Charlotte. However, she pulled through as super kid and was the hit of the day (besides Grandpa). Looking adorable in polka dots and pig tails, she was a joy to have around. She even sat through church with only a few peeps of "Uncle Mike!! Uncle Mike!!" I know her little voice was a ray of sun for those mourning in the church. It was comforting to hear and see his legacy live on. It was a long day for me with both girls but I had help from Aunt Peggy and Aunt Laura. I definitely couldn't have done it on my own.

Charlotte slept great the second night in the hotel and so did mom and dad. Friday we went back to Grandma LaPean's to visit and then drove home. Both girls slept during the three-hour drive home, yes! It was a successful trip and I couldn't believe my girls pulled through for me when I needed them too. Kevin was also proud.

Side note: I'm coming off of two funerals in two weeks only to find out my friend's dad who was battling kidney cancer just passed away as well. That's three funerals in three weeks. Damn. They always say death travels in 3's. I guess this is my three. He only found out he had kidney cancer like three weeks ago. My friend is devastated and I can surely see why. She's also 33 weeks pregnant. I know, it just keeps getting sadder.

So, as I've said in earlier posts, cherish your loved ones and the life you have. You never know when God calls the ones we love. In the blink of an eye it can all be taken away. I thank the Lord everyday for my beautiful, healthy girls (and Kevin!) for I'm not sure what I'd do if I ever lost the three of them.

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