Friday, February 18, 2011

today i feel like super mom

Today I feel like super mom! A last minute decision, I took both girls to the Milwaukee Public Museum with two other moms friends and their toddlers. I threw the double stroller into the car, packed the diaper bag with plenty of snacks and headed out of the house.

Charlotte was a great kid for me this morning! She loved being at the museum and seeing her two friends. She was also cooperative in using the stroller when I needed her to sit in it. The stroller, I might add, was extremely easy to maneuver and wasn't too heavy-- even when I had to push with one had and nurse Gretchen in the other while walking. Yes, I feel like super mom!

Charlotte didn't know what to think of the dinosaurs. She was a bit scared of them, perhaps a bit too life-like for her. I think she prefers her books. Both girls fell asleep in the car on the way home. I was able to transfer Charlotte to her bed without her waking up. Unfortunately, she just woke up and it's only been 45 minutes. Rats. That was only enough time to nurse Gretchen, get her to sleep again and shove a PBJ down my throat. I'm not sure Charlotte is going to stay in her room. After reading her a book she's still screaming for another one. Rats.

Last night, Gretchen slept good again - in 2.5/3 hours shifts. Unfortunately, she didn't go down until 11pm. That means from about 6pm to 11pm she didn't really sleep and was fussing a lot. This also means that I didn't get to go to bed early (8pm) and get the extra three hours that I needed. My throat has been scratchy too. I've also noticed that one of Gretchen's nose holes seems a little plugged. I think she caught it from me. Hopefully that will go away soon. I'm sucking down tea and honey.

day 23 (after a bath)
But, at least I felt like super mom taking the girls out this morning!

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