Wednesday, December 8, 2010

don't drink the water

Being a new mom is hard. Being a new mom with no mom friends is even harder. Being a new mom and the only one to have more than one kid is probably challenging too. Luckily, I'm not in that boat.

Whatever you do, don't drink the water in the Northshore area. Between the two groups of close mom friends I have, (2) have newborns and (6) of us are expecting our second baby. A personal friend of mine is  expecting and a co-worker is, for a total of (8). Wow! That's a lot of new babies! Here I was concerned that I'd be the only one among my friends to be carting around another kid. Well, I'm so happy to say I was wrong. It sure is a lot more fun to go through a pregnancy and the challenge of having a toddler and a newborn when your friends are in the same boat. Sympathy is needed and these are the right girlfriends to hand it over. Homemade meals for two weeks doesn't hurt either...

So, if you aren't looking to get pregnant, don't drink the water in the Northshore area or you are bound to end up on my list of pregnant friends!

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